Ensworth Coffee Talk (Dr. Wynn)

Ensworth GrindHaving two small children myself, I am always thankful for those that have chosen to teach some of our youngest minds. It is impressive to witness the stamina it takes to not only focus on the fundamentals students will use to build upon for the rest of their education, but also teaching a 7 year old to raise their hand, be empathic and why we don’t use unkind words towards our friends.

I had the pleasure of hearing from a 17 year education veteran and mother of four, Dr. K. K. Wynn, what it takes to run a first grade classroom.

KK Wynn 2You have been at Ensworth for 2 years, but you are an old pro when it comes to the classroom. Tell us a little about your journey into education and Ensworth.

This school year marks my 17th year in education. I have been around the field of education my entire life. My mother was actually my elementary school principal. In my eyes, she was an amazing teacher and leader; therefore, I was inspired to be a teacher too. Following my graduation from Peabody at Vanderbilt, I taught first grade for one year in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Following that first year, I moved on to teach third grade in Huntsville City Schools. From Huntsville, I moved to Memphis and then back to Nashville. It’s like I have come full circle. Once I moved to Nashville, I taught second grade for two years. I left the classroom for an administrative opportunity and then returned to the classroom after being hired for a first grade position at Ensworth. When attending Peabody, I actually completed an arts practicum under Mrs. Rose Pickel. It was truly a dream to further my teaching career at Ensworth and to get to learn from Mrs. Pickel again, while cultivating new relationships with other professionals such as my teammates, Camy, Jen, and Jennifer. I am truly one happy teacher!

If you had to pick one thing you hoped your first grade students left your class knowing/learning what would it be?

If I could pick one thing that I hoped my first grade students left my class knowing, I hope that they have learned altruistic values that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

First grade teacher, Dr. Wynn, ready to take on her son at the faculty vs. student volleyball game

First grade teacher, Dr. Wynn, ready to take on her son at the faculty vs. student volleyball game

You stay so busy during the week not only being an Ensworth teacher but you are an Ensworth parent and mother to four! What do you enjoy doing to unwind on the weekends?

Gosh, my life is just a little busy (smile). Having 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, our home turns into an academic bowl each weeknight. Since they don’t watch any television or play video games during the week, the weekends are spent catching up on things that middle schoolers like to do. Our two-year old also has ideas about how to unwind on the weekends. Whether she has us watching her ride her bike or reading new books, or playing a new game, spending time with her is a wonderful way for us all to unwind. In addition, as a family, we love Alabama and FSU football, so we enjoy catching those games on television. We are also huge gym rats. There is nothing more fun to us than a good game of basketball. Whether we are watching it on TV, or playing it in the gym, there is not a weekend that goes by that we don’t do something basketball related. Basketball is one way we like to relieve stress on the weekends.

If you could trade places with any Ensworth teacher for a day who would it be and why?

I would trade places with Melissa Fogaros. She has all three of my children for math this year, and they all agree that she is an amazing teacher. I’m interested in seeing how she effectively teaches different children who have such varying needs.

What is your favorite lunch food item in the cafeteria?

I love the turkey burgers without a bun.

What faculty member at the high school would you like to see featured next?

Jim Miller

KK Wynn 1

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6 Responses to Ensworth Coffee Talk (Dr. Wynn)

  1. Dr. Evelyn A. Ellis says:

    Dr. Kenyetta Wynn IS a phenomenal woman! We are so-o-o-o proud of her, especially in spite of the fact that although she is an only child with many accomplishments to her name, she has remained humble and grown to become a person who understands that serving others is a privilege for which she should always be thankful. Ensworth, thanks for taking the time to get to know her better. We already know how awesome she is, because we have the good fortune of calling her “our daughter.”

  2. Patrick Grayson says:

    Congrats Dr. Wynn!
    You have always been an exemplary leader and it is wonderful to see you continuing to share your gifts with the next generation!

  3. Frances Norville says:

    Congratulation Dr. Wynn,
    You are an excellent example of what a good Educator should be like. I am so proud of all of the accomplishments that you have achieved.

  4. Tina says:

    Love is love’s reward…..

  5. Jim Miller says:

    After working for K.K. in A Time to Rise this summer, I can honestly say she’s a true Ensworth hero. What a dynamic teacher and a terrific person! So proud to call her a friend.

  6. Leroy Sterling says:

    Congratulations, K.K., on all of your accomplishments. I’m as proud of you now as I was 2o years ago when you were in my Honors class. Keep up the good work!

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