Right, Privilege and Duty

Civics Pic groupElection Day is Tuesday, November 4th, and this year’s election includes new ballot measures for Tennessee that could produce large voter turnout. Our eighth grade students have been preparing for election day this past week with their study on The Constitution, Voting and other Civic Duties.

Civics redoneEach section was given a different task to complete that involved research, collaboration, and interaction with people outside of their classroom. Two classes were charged with writing a lesson plan and teaching pre-first students about the Constitution and the First Amendment. Another class researched and contacted candidates running for Congress in this election and created an impartial voters’ guide. A fourth class interviewed members of Ensworth’s faculty and staff about voting rights issues, and developed a documentary to share with the entire school. Finally, students researched a significant Supreme Court Case before interviewing faculty members about its historical impact on the country and creating a film highlighting those interviews

Civics redoneThis project culminated in an assembly where the 8th graders showcased their knowledge to the entire lower school community, helping all of our students and teachers to be more civically minded.

“One of the things that I loved most about this project was that the students had to step out of their comfort zones and become more active learners. By giving them the freedom to take charge of their learning and teach those around them, each and every student became more engaged and empowered as learners and citizens, ” Mrs. Hayley Brantley.



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