Ensworth Coffee Talk (Leigh Bybee)

Ensworth GrindOur Ensworth Coffee Talk guest is our newest star in the middle school math department. New to Ensworth, but not new to teaching, Leigh Bybee knows her way around some serious arithmetic.

Leigh Bybee 039

Tell us a little about your journey to Ensworth, you came from Meigs Magnet School, correct?
Yes! I have lived in Nashville most of my life and I love this city. After graduating from Lipscomb University, I spent seven years teaching math at Meigs and was blessed to work for some great administrators and with some really talented teachers. Deciding to leave the place where I began my career was difficult but I believe Ensworth’s mission, vision, and general philosophies on education better align with what I want for my students and my teaching.
I remember researching Ensworth online after I learned of the open Middle School Math position. It was refreshing and exciting to read the school’s mission and objectives and I continued to reflect on them as I made the decision to become a part of the Ensworth community. What a great thing, especially for middle school students, that we can go beyond challenging them with rigorous academics and do our best to help grow them into people who are going to make this world a better place.

Math can be a challenging subject for many people, do you recall a specific class or teacher that sparked your interest in math and made you become a teacher?
I actually never imagined that I would be a math teacher! I had some amazing teachers along the way but there wasn’t a particular class or teacher that sparked my interest in this career path. I only began to see myself as any type of teacher when I was at Lipscomb. Even then, I thought I was meant to teach in the young elementary grades. Dr. Candace McQueen was one of my professors at Lipscomb and in a brief conversation we had, she mentioned that she thought I would be good at teaching middle school students. That seed was planted and from there, I ended up student teaching in a sixth grade math classroom. My mentor teacher, Mark Klassen, was a great model, showing me that math was a fabulous subject to teach. From him, I learned that applying math to real world situations, integrating technology into class, being a good explainer, and playing a few games could help students to enjoy an otherwise challenging subject.

Leigh Bybee 037What is your favorite Ensworth event or day you are looking forward to this year?
It has been fun to hear from the students and faculty about the traditional Ensworth events- there are so many! I can’t wait for the 1st Grade Pet Show this week because I enjoy seeing how much people love their pets. I am also looking forward to Field Day but I can’t decide if I’m more nervous or excited. I hear it can get pretty competitive.

What books would we find on your bedside table?
On my bedside table, you would find my old Nook full of good reads. I’m currently reading “Love Does’ by Bob Goff and still working on “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. I have to finish it before the movie comes out!

Leigh Bybee 007 If you could trade places with any Ensworth teacher for a day who would it be and why?
I would trade with any of the 1st grade teachers. I’ve enjoyed watching our 7th graders get to know their 1st grade Reading Buddies this year and I’d like to learn more about the Lower School (and maybe learn my way around a little more, too!).

What new faculty member at the lower or middle school would you like to see featured next?
Trey House. I hear there are some new things going on with Latin this year and he should tell us about the 6th grade class trip!

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3 Responses to Ensworth Coffee Talk (Leigh Bybee)

  1. Tommy Franklin says:

    I worked with Leigh at Meigs. MNPS’s lose is Ensworth’s gain. She is a great teacher!

  2. Vicki Dooley says:

    Leigh is a fabulous teacher. My son was in her class when she did her student teaching at Meigs. She was a natural and talented teacher from the very beginning!

  3. Elizabeth Faison says:

    As an Ensworth Tiger (1992-2001) and a former student teacher at Meigs, I can truly say that Leigh Bybee is a perfect fit! I am sure that her new students and colleagues adore her! I was so impressed by her teaching style and the relationships she formed with her students and their families at Meigs. As an aside, I made up that I had a turtle named Crackers for the first grade pet show and cried so much about not having a pet that someone loaned me a turtle for the show. Good times.

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