It’s All Greek to Me

Greek Study 011There is a toga party happening in the sixth grade history classes today as Mr. Scott starts his study on Greece.  The minute students walk in the door they will become immersed in all things unique to ancient Greece by dressing daily in chitons, sandals and other accessories. The students become Greeks for a month by experiencing Greek history, politics, philosophy, art, drama and architecture.

The unit includes political and social debates, the reading of The Odyssey (a children’s version) and a Peloponnesian War,  as they battle for Hellas points. Along with the Greek’s science and mathematical contributions, performing theater and assuming the role of famous Hellenes to discuss their squabbles there is no doubt the students will come away from their study Greek culture experts. Greek Study 019“The ancient Greeks themselves displayed a special zest for life.  They boldly faced intellectual, spiritual, and physical challenges.  That particular zeal for civic and cultural participation is what we hope to duplicate here.  To paraphrase the ancient Greeks, One who does not participate in and relish public life, has no life at all,” said J.K. Scott.

Keep on the look-out for some pictures from the Olympic Games that will take place at the end of the month to close out the study.

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