Chinese Collaboration

chineseI am always hearing,  we are educating our children today for jobs that don’t even exist yet. When I think of my elementary school experience Mandarin Chinese was no where in the realm of possibility.  Ensworth students start learning Chinese in Pre first grade and carry it on through their foreign language studies.

Recently, the 8th grade Chinese students collaborated with some of our 1st grade students on a special project.  Each 8th grader wrote his/her original children’s book in Chinese, and  presented them to the 1st graders. Afterwards, they partnered up, and the 8th graders interviewed the little ones about their pets to coincide with their current project with Love at First Sight. (The interview questions are all in Chinese!) This is an annual collaboration Mrs. Harris and Ms. Tseng have been doing for the past few years to help get the younger students excited about Chinese, while giving the older students an opportunity to try out their knowledge of the language.

chinese 3

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  1. L Halloran says:

    My 8th grade daughter loved this project! Thank you for the great opportunity for the children.

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