Save the Date

IMG_5255January and February can be a pretty gloomy time of year for many with flu viruses spreading like wildfire and polar vortexes in full swing. It can also be an exciting time at Ensworth to celebrate some indoor activities. Puppet shows taking the stage and Patchwork guests filling assemblies inspire many to curl up in one of the library nooks and enjoy a good book. The high school has it’s own excitement with basketball season¬† getting started and students starting rehearsals for the winter musical Ring of Fire (featuring music from Johnny Cash).

Ensworth’s biggest fundraising event also takes place in February and gives everyone a fun evening out to connect with the whole community while giving back to the school. See the link here to get a small taste of some packages you can bid for online and the night of.¬† Here is to making it through the bitter cold of winter!

Auction Invite

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