The Heart of the Matter

7th Grade_Heart DissectionsThe seventh grade students in Ms. Little’s science class were given an insider view into what really makes up the human heart.
Dr. Evelio Rodriguez, a cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Thomas hospital and the father of Ensworth students, Lucas (2018) and Dante’ (2020), generously brought 15 pig hearts to give students a hands-on experience in the science labs. Students had the opportunity see firsthand demonstrations of dissection techniques and apply them to the circulatory system in a real way.
“The students LOVED the activity because it was a hands-on experience. On one of the post-lab sheets, a student put it best by saying, ‘I liked that we had studied the heart and then were able to see the real thing, it was really cool.'” – Michelle Little, Middle School Science Teacher
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