The ‘E’ Factor (College Counseling)

IMG_1999Do I want a small liberal arts college or a big university? If I want to study pre-med, where is the best university within a 6-hour drive? Applying for colleges can be very intimidating for both students and parents. Most of us don’t even know where to start the search or how to be a good support for our students without swaying them too much one way or another. In week two of our special series, The ‘E’ Factor, we want to introduce you to a resource that may not be familiar to many at the lower/middle school; the College Counseling Staff.

“I think everyone in our office believes the greatest “tool” available to students is the one-on-one relationship we have with each student in our caseload. This one-on-one relationship allows for very customized guidance in the college counseling process and in advising/curriculum support,” said Laura Stewart Director of College Counseling.

Ensworth’s College Counseling Office helps students in the process of the search for the perfect college starting their sophomore year of high school. Students are paired with a college counselor who guides them through the process for the entirety of high school. The program helps students  narrow their college search, learn about financial aid and even provides tutoring for college essays and help with college applications.

“They go above and beyond to know students on a personal and academic level and then develop a plan that fits their interests, ” Blair Wilson class of 2014, Columbia University student.

Fun Fact: Last year’s seniors were accepted to 121 colleges and universities and matriculated to 50 different schools.

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